CORS station

[地球科学] Shaft Station 直井测量; 井底车场  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] primary reference station 主参考站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] boarding station 候检锚地  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] river discharge from pumping station 泵站放江  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[电子信息] Station interface unit 站接口单元  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Central Station 上海市环境监测中心  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] coal-burning power station 燃煤发电  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] Nantong Environmental Monitoring Center station 南通市环境监测中心站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] the image collecting station 影像采集工作站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] Railway passenger station building 铁路旅客站房  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] Xixiayuan Power Station 西霞院电站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学,机械,电子信息] sending station 发送站; 发送台; 发信局  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] Jinping Stage-Ⅰ Hydropower Station 锦屏一级水电站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[电子信息] Extended Station 分机  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] Pushihe hydropower station 蒲石河水电站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[电子信息] -compass station 无线电方位指示台  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] Luojiaohe Hydropower Station 落脚河水电站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] fix reference station 固定参考站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] adding pressure station with the mixed coal gas 煤气混合加压站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] Crusher station 破碎站  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

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