[地球科学] aqueduct with mass flow 大流量渡槽  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] endometrial hyperplasia with atypia 子宫内膜非典型增生  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] slow release fertilizer with rare earth elements 稀土缓释肥  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] T-beam with single reinforcement 单筋丁字梁  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] Beef fillet with mushroom sauce 最大可能分布; 口蘑牛里脊  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] high-frequency welded pipe with medium diameter 中直径高频焊管  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[人文] have installed windows with aluminium frames 安装铝窗  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] toroid enveloping worm with cone generatrix 锥面包络环面蜗杆  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] rural people with disabilities 农村残疾人  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] Simple harmonic quantities traverse winding with the eccentric wheel rotation 偏心轮简谐络交  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] Abscess of lung with pneumonia 肺脓肿不伴肺炎  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] communication with spirit 通灵  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学,生活,人文] have nothing to do with ……完全无关; 无关于; 不相干  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] elderly men with advanced gastric cancer 老年人晚期胃癌  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] steel tape rule with metal case 金属壳钢卷尺  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[人文] interferes with the quality of sleep 影响睡眠品质  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] districts with complicated geological structure 地质构造复杂区域  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] spinel LiMn2-xCoxO4 with high cobalt content at surface 表面富含钴的尖晶石LiMn2-xCoxO4  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] nano-magnetoliposomes with As2O3 纳米As2O3磁性脂质体  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] turning short round with anchor 抛锚短距回转  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] without kinetic energy 没动能  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] incubated with the method introduced above 培养及分组如前述  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] organic matter with small molecular weight 小分子机物  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] within a short period of time 较短时间  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] within 空间限制  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] with hypoxia 过低  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] with reference to 根据  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] with rupture 发生断裂  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] treated with steel cable 使钢缆  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] closely connected with 密不可分  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

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