ballasted airplane

[机械] ballasted airplane 配重飞机  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学,机械,商业经济] Ballasted 有压载的  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] ballasted displacement 压载排水量  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学,机械] ballasted condition 压载状态; 空船压载状态  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] identity of tank ballasted 压载舱编号  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] ballasted airplane 配重飞机  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学,机械] ballasted track 有碴轨道; 有砟轨道  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] self ballasted fluorescent lamp 自镇流荧光灯  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] ballasted particle flocculation 广义相加模型; 压载颗粒絮凝  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] microsand ballasted floccula-tion 微砂加重絮凝  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] Ballasted Flocculation 载体絮凝  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[电子信息] airplane refueling pipeline 飞机加油管路  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工,机械] airplane manufacture 堆芯支承吊篮; 飞机制造  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] enemy airplane missile-launching line 敌制导武器发射阵位线  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] Airplane Fixture 循环数; 飞机工装  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[电子信息] airplane cable 飞机导线  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] airplane trim 安全壳喷淋注入系统; 飞机配平  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] pursuit airplane 驱逐机; 异形砖  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] brake material for airplane 航空刹车材料  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] the liquid-cooled vehicle for the military airplane 飞机地面液体冷却车  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] parasol type airplane 伞形飞机  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

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