[机械] buoyancy test for life-jacket 救生衣浮力试验  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[数理] mean value theorem for the integrals 积分中值定理  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[商业经济] agency for appeal 代理申诉  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Urumqi Railroad Bureau 乌鲁木齐铁路局疾病预防控制所  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] sample collection bag for dilute exhaust mixture 稀释排气混合气收集袋  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] composite foundation for CFG pile CFG桩复合地基  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] room for holding water 水室  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] China Arch for New Millennium 中华世纪门  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] CMM capability maturity model for software CMM能力成熟度模型  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] Design for Vane Self-priming Pump 导叶式自吸泵设计  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] transportation equipments for cryogens 低温液体运输装备  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] seepage control for canal 渠道防渗  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] the model for ecological economy 生态经济模式  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] Benzylpenicillin Sodium for 注射用青霉素钠  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[人文] be a mistress for a rich man 傍大款  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] Codes for social moonlights 社会兼职代码  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] reduce rent for land and interests on loans 减租减息  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substance 国际载运散装有毒液体物质防止污染证书  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] computing for chemical engineering 化工计算  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection 中国腐蚀与防护学报  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] high performance liquid chromatography 高效液相色谱  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] forty-five 45  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] information 列信息  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] search for the consensus 寻求共识  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] performance wage distribution 绩效工资  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] gruiformes 形目  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] performance evaluation indicators 绩效评估指标体系  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] risk factors for cardiovascular diseases 疾病危险因素  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] perforation fracturing 射孔压裂  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] for 来说  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

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