[生物医学] manifestation of systems 系统表现  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] social psychological support systems 社会心理支持系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[电子信息] Simulating Digital Systems 模拟数字系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[数理] the control of Markovian jump linear systems 受控马尔可夫跳线性系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] soil management systems 耕作深度  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生活] non-solidly grounded systems 中性点非有效接地系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学,机械] dynamics of nonlinear systems involving time dealys 时滞动力系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[生物医学] Mobile Information Systems 机动资讯系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[电子信息] T-S fuzzy interconnected systems T-S模糊交联系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] thermal engineering control systems 热工控制系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] mid-and-low-latitude weather systems 中、低纬度环流系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] fieldata applications systems & techniques 法斯特数据应用系统及技术; 法斯特用户组织  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[地球科学] transgressive systems tract TST 层序地层  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] phase diagrams of molten salt systems 熔盐相图  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[数理] multi-state systems 多态系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[数理,生活] Discrete Hamiltonian systems 离散哈密顿系统; 离散Hamilton系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[石油化工] oil and water systems 油水系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] shock mount systems 隔振系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[机械] axially moving systems 轴向运动体系  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[数理] systems of positive linear equations 正线性方程组  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

[语料库] internal fixation systems 内固定系统  收藏  跳转到该词 Go To

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